ChefRef Foodie – Spring 2014

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It is with great pleasure that I write my first introduction to ChefRef® Foodie  Magazine.

Over the past year, the Sysco Culinary Team has been doing BIG  things and we love sharing our wealth of knowledge with you.  We’re not the only experts though… I can’t thank our community of chefs and restaurant owners enough for continually contributing their expertise and experiences to reach one common goal: SUCCESS!

With the new year upon us, I’m most excited about introducing our inaugural 2014 Food Trend Predictions. Every day in test kitchens across the country, our team of 120 chefs are searching for innovative ideas, and we’ve narrowed them down to give you our predictions.

Here are a few of my favorites…

Root Vegetables ~  Creating spins on the vegetables we disliked as kids such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and beets.

Popsicles for Adults and Kids ~  Think cocktail applications for adults and natural fruit and juice versions for kids.

Comfort Food with an Edge ~  This is your grandmother’s recipes reinvented by chefs with a high edge spin.

 Deconstructed Desserts ~ Cookies and candy bars go homemade gourmet!

 Made in America ~  All things local and homegrown.  That last one defi nitely strikes a chord at Sysco.  We’ve increased our partnerships with local farmers and we are embracing a “big company thinks small” attitude. We’re embarking on a stewardship initiative to help local farmers thrive by getting them more involved in community food programs and more.  We LIVE local!

Looking ahead, there are so many other exciting initiatives on the horizon for Sysco, especially in the culinary arena. Watch for more innovative Chef Culinary Competitions, including a Fig Contest for our Canadian Chefs and a Soup Base Contest taking place over the next couple of months. Then later in the year, there will be a Latin Segment contest with Cholula® hot sauces. These competitions are a great source of inspiration and creativity for not only our customers but also for our chefs’ personal growth to better serve you.

Enjoy all the recipes, tips and trends in this issue of ChefRef® Foodie Magazine.

 Cheers and have a flavorful day!


Chef Neil Doherty

Sr. Director of Culinary Development