ChefRef Foodie – Summer 2014


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Summer is finally here, and what better time to take a road trip? In this issue’s “Regional Road Trip,” we are really proud to be featuring a few of our outstanding Sysco customers and chefs from the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast. We invite you to travel with us to these regions for some local flavors and look for the continuation of our road trip this fall as we move westward. No matter where we are in the country, there’s endless inspiration provided by the community businesses and chefs alike.

Culinary innovation is always a common theme at Sysco, and this summer we’re firing up our grills in preparation for some inventive new items. In a collaborative effort, Dr Pepper., John Soules Foods and Sysco developed a line of Dr Pepper® branded and flavored products that are first to the market, including heat and serve pulled pork, chicken strips for fajitas and BBQ chicken wings. See page 11 for a preview!

Right now I’m also really excited about broadening my horizons with ethnic foods such as Middle-Eastern and African cuisines. It’s interesting to take ingredients these cultures have used for centuries and incorporate them into everyday applications. Take “skhug” for example. It’s a Middle-Eastern spicy sauce that contains red, green and hot peppers, garlic, coriander and various other spices. It’s great on shawarmas, served as a condiment with pita or other breads and more. Check out page 18 for more other great ideas for incorporating ethnic fl avers on your menu.

Lastly, summer is a time when we really embrace our strong relationships with growers, ranchers, processors, foodservice peers and influencers. Sysco is working on a lot of cool new products like sustainable rice, grass-fed beef and other healthy food initiatives. These will further reinforce our commitment to ensuring a reliable and safe supply of food for our customers.

Enjoy all the recipes, tips and trends in this issue of ChefRef® Foodie Magazine. Don’t forget to visit for even more great ideas.

Cheers and have a flavorful day!

Chef Neil Doherty

Sr. Director of Culinary Development



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