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We’ve Got The Goods!

With 12,500 different stocked items to choose from, Sysco SF has everything you need — and more.

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Sysco SF offers a vast range of products, from top-of-the-line ingredients to restaurant supplies and equipment. We are proud to meet the growing demand for the healthiest foods available, with our lines of seasonal and organic produce, vegetarian foods, and meats from grass-fed, antibiotic-free and humanely raised animals. And if an item you want is not in stock, no worries. Our team can source if from our many local, national and international suppliers.

Center Of The Plate

Meats, poultry, seafood — Sysco SF has a vast range of “center of the plate” options. And you can count on first-rate quality: All our meat and poultry products conform to the guidelines set by the USDA, and we carefully monitor our seafood suppliers to improve sustainability practices.

Frozen Favorites

Breakfasts, breads, appetizers, entrees, desserts, ice cream, soups and sauces — if it can be frozen, we’ve got it.

Canned and Dry Goods

Anything you might keep in a pantry is readily available, such as cereals, chips, crackers, flour, condiments, pasta, spices and bottled drinks.

Bountiful Produce

Sysco SF offers a cornucopia of fresh fruits and vegetables, many of which are grown right here, on Bay Area farms. Choose between whole produce and pre-sliced and pre-washed products for optimal convenience.

Dairy Delights

Sysco SF is your go-to resource for an extraordinary variety of cheeses, yogurts, milk, butter and more.

Gourmet Specialties

One distinct advantage of our Bay Area location is that we are in a culturalmelting pot, with a wonderful variety of ethnic, international and exotic foodsat our fingertips. We offer a wide variety of Asian, Mexican, Italian and vegetarianfoods, and our ChefEx program allows our customers to order directlyfrom specialized suppliers. No matter which cuisine you offer or how experimentalyour goals are, we can source the ingredients for you.

Supplies and Equipment

Everything you need for your kitchen and dining areas is just a mouse click (or phone call) away. We’ve got top-quality cookware and tabletop items, cleaning supplies, paper goods—just about everything, in fact, but the kitchen sink.

bayarea_lowresLocation, Location, Location

We are blessed to be in the Bay Area, where the availability of quality foods is unrivaled.  Not only do we source fruits and vegetables from area growers, we work with local ranchers, cheese makers, sausage producers, olive oil pressers – the list goes on and on. Our locally made products run the gamut, but they all have one thing in common: They are made by people who value quality, healthfulness and sustainable practices.

Sysco SF supports the efforts of the Bay Area’s skilled, eco-friendly producers – and we are proud to share their unique products with our local restaurant customers.