Our Services


Sysco SF offers a full slate of services to help our customers thrive.

In addition to our extensive product lines, we’ve got the tools and resources you need to promote and expand your business, fine-tune your operation, and develop winning menus. And we are always available to consult with you on ways to enhance and grow your offerings.


Sysco SF understands that a lot goes into running a successful restaurant. That’s why we offer our customers a vast array of business-focused services that includes the following:

– Marketing strategies  – Customized delivery options – Online order tracking – Employee training – Equipment sourcing  – Sustainability recommendations – Energy-saving ideas


Through Sysco’s unique Sysco Ventures program, we facilitate connections between you and business partners who can help you up your game, whether you are just starting out or have been in the business for years. Our experts can help you acquire working capital, streamline operations, obtain the best insurance and payroll services, use cutting-edge marketing tools, and much more.


In the state of California, every restaurant is required to have an owner or employee who has been trained and certified in food safety. To make the process convenient for our customers, Sysco SF offers ServSafe—a food safety training and certification course developed by the National Restaurant Association. The eight-hour class is offered once a month and is taught by our executive chef.


Creating winning menus is a true art form. With so much on their plates (and we mean that literally), chefs often turn to Sysco SF for a helping hand. Our menu-focused services include the following:

  • Menu reviews
  • Recipe consultations
  • Taste tests
  • Portioning advice
  • Trend spotting


There’s always something cooking in Sysco SF’s test kitchen. Our executive chef continually develops new recipes—and posts the best ones on our Web site. Our kitchen is also where we do “cuttings”—taste tests in which we sample new products to see if they meet our high standards. Plus, our chef is always available to our customers for a free consultation.


Many food trends begin right here in the Bay Area, one of the world’s gastronomic capitals. Keeping up with the latest culinary innovations is a vital part of Sysco SF’s mission, so we can help our customers stay ahead of the curve. Here are some of today’s top trends:

Forks in the road – Mobile restaurants, or food trucks, have caught on like wildfire. Offering everything from simple tacos to gourmet fare, food trucks are an excellent way for restaurants to raise their profiles.

Shrinking sweets – Mini desserts—such as cupcakes, tartlets, and cake pops—give diet-conscious consumers the opportunity to sample a sugary smorgasbord, guilt free.

Petite plates – Samplers, small plates and tapas remain hot menu items, as more and more diners opt for multiple appetizers instead of entrées.

Fresh fusions – Experimental chefs frequently mix and match different cuisines; keep an eye out for exciting new combinations of Asian, North American and South American dishes.

Local boosters – The “locavore” movement is a widespread phenomenon across the Bay Area, where many chefs and customers prefer locally sourced and sustainably grown products.