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Healthy Kids’ Menus for a Healthy Bottom Line

Many families choose restaurants based on the availability of healthy dining options for their children. How can you be sure that your kids’ menu measures up? With Sysco SHAPE and Kids LiveWell! Offering healthy options for children will not only bring families through the door, it will keep them coming back time after time after time.

An Exclusive Partnership for a Healthier Tomorrow. Starting Now.

What is SHAPE?

Sysco Healthy And Positive Eating offers tips and tools for staying up-to-date with the latest trends, literature and technologies in health and nutrition, allowing our customers and their guests to take a more balanced approach to enjoying food. SHAPE’s primary focus is to provide healthier dining options for children so that parents may make informed dining decisions for their families.

What is Kids LiveWell?

The Kids LiveWell program is an industry-wide initiative launched by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) to help parents and children select healthful menu options when dining out. In an effort to help eliminate childhood obesity and increase nutritional know-how, participating restaurants commit to offering and growing their selection of healthful menu items for children.

What are the benefits of participating through Sysco?

Sysco is the NRA’s exclusive distribution partner in promoting Kids LiveWell. Customers who sign up through Sysco will receive a special membership discount, along with many other program benefits. Benefits of participating in Kids LiveWell through Sysco include:

  • Pre-approved Healthy Recipes that eliminate the need for investing in independent nutritional analysis and make use of Sysco products that are readily available nationwide
  • Usage of a Kids LiveWell icon to call attention to healthful menu options
  • Placement on Healthy Dining Finder’s Kids LiveWell website and the Kids LiveWell app to help health-conscious patrons locate participating restaurants
  • Recognition via social media channels:
    • Facebook, Twitter
    • Sysco Health website
    • Kids LiveWell website

How do I get involved?

You may sign up through Sysco at a discounted rate. Complete the Enrollment Form here and submit to


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